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Designing your Outdoor Living Space in Canton OH and Surrounding Areas

Outdoor Living

A back yard is an extension of whats going on inside your home.  Maybe more colorful, casual, fun, and without a ceiling to put a lid on your needs and desires.  We at Creative Hardscapes can help you design your outdoor living space.  Be creative, with our 3D Rendering program, we can show you what your new outdoor living space will look like before we begin.  

A Before and After Project done by Creative Hardscapes

Before and After

We had a client call us and ask for our help.  They had just a patio in their back yard.  During the sunny afternoons, it was to hot to sit out back and enjoy.  So they told us what they would like, and by using our 3D Rendering program, we came up with the perfect solution.  The top picture is the before, and the bottom picture is the after.

We added a roof, and a retaining wall along with a fire pit.  The client chose two beautiful stone colors for their retaining wall, and two wonderful colors of pavers where their fire pit was going to sit.  The same stone was used to build columns, to help support the roof.  This job turned out amazing, our clients were thrilled with the job that we did, and now they can't wait to use it this coming spring and summer.

after 1
after 2

They added life to a place that didn't have any, now they can sit back and relax in the afternoon and in the early evenings under their new roof, then in the evening sit out by the fire pit enjoying the fire and making smore's. 

Reviews from our Clients

Just a few reviews from our satisfied clients.

"Great Job by very talented crew! Attention to detail, quality and design exceeded our expectations! Meticulous! We highly recommend Leon and Creative Hardscapes."

Another Project Creative Hardscapes is Working on

The next project that I am going to show you is a unique project.  This project is not finished yet, but the outcome is going to be amazing. This client wanted Natural Stone around his barn, which we found just the perfect stone to do this work with.  Then he needed steps down to where his waterfall was going to be, and that area would lead to the house for another project.

In order to start this project, we had to do some excavating, so that we could put in a retaining wall, which we did a poured concrete wall.  The electric was ran to the places that our client wanted it, and we had to make sure that we had the water lines in also.

Once the retaining walls were poured, we did have to use back fill on the outside of the wall.  As you can see that we have the steps made with wood right now, but that is going to change. 

Work in Progress 2
Work in Progress 3

The stone that was used to make the water fall effect, was made with stone also.  The client picked out a two different colored stones to make this area stand out more.

The picture on the left shows you before Creative Hardscapes began the work, and the picture on the right is where we are right now.  The finished pictures will be posted on Facebook so make sure you click on the link and come and check out our finished project.

Beginning of Project
Out door Kitchen

This is another picture of the barn with the stone around it. This stone just pulls the whole barn together. We are excited to see the finished project.  You can always check out our Facebook page for any and all ongoing projects, and finished projects.  Putting the stone around the barn was a fun project for us, as you see the stone is different in sizes and shapes.  It was kinda like putting a puzzle together to get the awesome effect that we achieved.

Finished Work

Once this project is finished you will be amazed at how it looks, and how it will come together.

In Conclusion

Our team here at Creative Hardscapes takes pride in all the work that we do. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and providing clients with quality installations to ensure their project will last for years to come. From the beginning of a project, we will listen to our client's wants and needs.   We design projects that fit your needs, whether it's entertaining family and friends or just a place to relax after a hard days work. Whether it is adding an Outdoor Living space, to adding a fire pit.  Or the possibility of doing a bigger project, like putting in a pool, and all the fun stuff that goes with your pool. 

Check us out on our Instagram page for more pictures and projects that are going on, and what we have done. You can always reach us at (330) 763-1874 with any questions.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and checking out some of our projects, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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