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Outdoor Living Spaces In Millersburg Ohio

 Creative Hardscapes is a hardscaping company that makes outdoor living spaces in Ohio. Since you clicked on this post you obviously want a back yard living space to relax when you come home from work or to entertain friends or grandchildren. Well you are in luck my friend you just found the best hardscaper in Ohio.

 What is Hardscaping? Hardscaping is basically stone landscaping if that makes sense, let me give an example. A landscaper looks at yard and says “Let’s put some bushes in their and make it look good,” but a hardscaper looks at the same lawn and says “let’s turn this into a wicked awesome pool”. See the difference? If you don’t here are some pictures.

Hardscaping 1


 Turning your yard into a hardscaping masterpiece has many advantages.

 1. All your neighbors will be jealous of your new entertainment spot.

 2. You will not have to mow as much grass which is good if you are not one of those people who mow their grass because it is the only thing them makes them happy.

 3. You will not have to play phase 10 when people come over to your house.

 4. And instead of going to bed when you get home from work you can grill a steak, smoke a ham, or take a dip in the pool.

 I will tell you about the outdoor areas they build and try to explain each process with as many pictures as possible so you don’t get bored and leave. Please read on if you are still interested.

 Areas We Serve

 Ohio – Cleveland, Toledo, Springfield, Parkersburg and surrounding area.

Pennsylvania – Western Pennsylvania.

 Outdoor Pools

 1. The first step in the process is to get permission to build your pool, it must be approved by your Home Owners Association and be compliant with all the state and local laws.

 2. The next step is to show you a 3D rendering of the build. This will ensure that your are completely on board with whatever we are doing. The rendering can be changed if you so desire, and the changes will be promptly added to the building plans.

 3. Step three is to excavate your pool with heavy equipment. If their are any decorative rocks in the way of the dig site they will be moved for the duration of the process.


 4. Step four is to add the plumbing to your pool. This step is applied in a way that will be easy for the homeowner to replace any parts that may leak or break.


 5. The next step is to place a steel structure inside your pool and to add all the heating and gas. The reason for the steel structure you may ask? it is their for added strength and lasting durability. The structure is basically a criss crossing pattern of half inch steel bars that makes the structure of your pool.


 6. The next step is an annoying one because you have to get the electric and stuff inspected to make sure your pool is compliant with the state and local laws.

 7. Now comes the fun part because your pool is starting to take shape. In this step we with spray concrete through a high pressure hose and onto your pool. This is what the steel is for.


 8. In this step we will be installing the waterline tile for decoration to give your pool the extra good looks it deserves. We will also cope all the pools edges on the waterfalls or any decorative pieces.


9. The next step is add decking to your pool. This will be laid down to make sure that their are not going to be any grass clippings in the pool water which is a plus. However if your child is running he could slip and crack his head so make sure you are paying attention.


10. The final step is to clean up the job site so you and your family can enjoy your pool in peace.

 Outdoor Kitchens

 1. The first step is to find get the permission to build this new entertainment spot.

 2. Next you will have to decide where you want the outdoor kitchen and if you want it U-shaped or L-shaped

 3. The third step is to dig a foundation and fill it in with concrete.

 4. The fourth step is to build the basic skeleton of your kitchen (usually made of metal).

 5. Next we will put sheets of concrete on the sides of the frame to make the masonry stick to the sides of of your kitchen.

 6. Then we will put the decorative bricks on your kitchen to make it look rustic.

 7. The seventh step is to add in all the plumbing to run your sink.

 8. The eight step is to install all your appliances, like your grills, your sinks, your mini fridges or whatever.

 9. The last step is to clean up the job site so you can get grillin’.


 Outdoor Fireplaces

 1. Again with this build you will have to get permission from your Home Owners Association and it must be compliant with the state and local laws.

 2. You will have to designate an area that you want us to build your fireplace.

 3. Then we begin by leveling your ground if it needs it.

4. Then we will put a concrete foundation in to support the weight of the structure.

5.Then we will begin to build the structure of your fireplace or pit. We will build a steel frame and ensure that it will hold all the weight that is going to be put on it.

6. Next we will put some beautiful stone on the fireplace to make it look good

7. lastly we will  clean up the job site and leave you with a brand new fireplace.


 Backyard Living Spaces

 Basically a backyard living area is sometimes comprised of an outdoor kitchen maybe a fireplace but it mostly has furniture, it’s like an outside living room.

 These backyard living spaces are nice if you have to entertain a lot of guests at a time because they can fill up a space really easily if the owner wants them to. 

 As with the others for anything to be built you need to get it approved by your HOA and it must comply with all the state and local laws for anything to be built.


 Congratulations you have made it to the end of the post, you have accomplished a great feat my friend. You should be proud of yourself. If you are still interested in any of the things listed above please contact us by clicking this link.

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